Recent LearJet 24F Restoration Makes a Wish Come True…

The staff and management of New United Goderich Inc. are always proud of the quality craftsmanship that is placed into every single one of our projects. However, there are some projects that become a guaranteed pleasure to take on.

The Bombardier Learjet 24F was always is a magnificent aircraft. It has the comforts of a business jet, but the performance of a fighter jet. This 40 year old aircraft can out climb and out perform many modern jet aircraft in the world today. When Anthony Russo, the VP of Northeastern Aviation approached us to perform this restoration. We could tell from the very beginning that this aircraft was very important to the company and to his family. As his father, Michael, brought Northeastern into the business jet marketplace on the wings of this twin engine beauty. New United Goderich was more than happy to oblige.

The Restoration

From above

We removed the old, tired aircraft interior, stripped the existing paint and set to work. In direct consultation with both Anthony and the aircraft’s new owner Jim Hefelfinger. We created a truly unique concept for the exterior and interior of the Learjet. The exterior paint scheme is a Matterhorn White base with Verde Green, Antique Gold and Phantom Grey accent lines which produce a natural flow in it’s design. While the interior employs various custom upgrades to Jim’s Specifications. Including a new carpet, modified

Interior from the Cockpit

cabin bulkhead cabinets with new custom stained wooden veneers with wooden bow noses, all lighting was upgraded to LEDs, new foam was installed in the seats & were upholstered with leather in a custom design, the cabin panels were wrapped in ultraleather, the potty seat was moved aft to make additional space for cabinets and to accommodate the new fully functioning toilet under the potty seat.

Make-a-Wish Flight

We are overjoyed to hear that Jim and Anthony have volunteered the aircraft and their time to make the wish of becoming a pilot come true for eight-year old, Manuel Acosta. To hear that Manuel’s big day was so successful, that he was so knowledgeable in the air and that his dream could finally be realized while piloting an aircraft that we just refurbished. Makes us proud beyond words!

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