VIP Bombardier LearJet 24F

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Project Description

This Bombardier Learjet 24F project was a complete joy to do. The aircraft had been in the clients family for decades and was soon to find a new home. It needed to have it’s luster renewed. After all, the Lear 20 series aircraft always flew like rockets through the air.

Our Sales, Interior and Paint staff recognized early on that this project was a labour of love and was treated as such. The aircraft required a complete interior refurbishment, exterior refinishing as well as a few modifications to the cabin to increase storage & comfort.

The paint design is truly one of a kind. The colour combination instantly grabs the attention of any curious onlooker.

As you can see, the aircraft entry area around the potty was modified to accommodate more space and functionality for the potty itself. The cockpit bulkhead cabinets were modified to increase storage space and to stow the divider curtain out of sight. All of the pre-existing laminates in the on the aircraft were replaced with custom stained real wood veneers. The cabin was completed updated with ultraleather wrapped panels, LED lighting, pewter silver plating, real wood veneers completely refurbished seats with both new foam, leather and custom stitching.

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