Honeywell’s “Power of Connected” Aircraft Tour

The world today is in a constant state of motion. As businesses grow, they are building our national economies at faster paces with each passing day. The fuel by which our economies are driven is quickly becoming information. All forms of business create, compile and categorize meaningful information at a staggering rate. Creating a current that flows through the global markets influencing trades and trends everywhere. Staying connected to this current and the information it provides has become essential to any business’ survival. A business executive must maintain constant contact with suppliers, vendors, management, production, logistics and most of all customers to remain competitive.

The push towards faster and stronger in-flight connectivity to allow all passengers on-board an aircraft to stay up-to-date with a world that continues to move around them while they are travelling. Honeywell’s avionics suite of connected products completely provides a seamless wireless internet connection anywhere in the world via high-speed satellite communications. They have packed them all into a vintage Boeing 757-200 test platform and have begun flying it around the world for a tour over the next two months.  To show the systems true capabilities, Honeywell invited Tom Costello of NBC’s Today Show to test them. Multiple streaming platforms were used and none of them had much lag at all.

Honeywell is preparing to bring a combination of complete connection solutions to market, from Wi-Fi hardware for passengers of airlines to analytics for both pilots and maintenance staff. For many years, aircraft OEM manufacturers have been innovating more connectivity between the aircraft and its maintenance staff. Many aircraft now have the ability diagnose potential faults with parts and report to maintenance when one may soon fail.

These Honeywell innovations exactly complement where the industry is headed. A fully connected aircraft that is able to send and receive data at almost real-time speeds. As a Honeywell dealer, New United Goderich Inc. is proud to stand behind this great company. As these products provide next generation of aircraft connectivity, today!!

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