Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan

As a member of the network of dealers of Honeywell Avionics, New United Goderich Inc. is able to provide a great number of specific discounts and services to aircraft owners and operators that other maintenance facilities can’t. One that stands out of is the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan. (HAPP)

This service is truly unique in the aerospace industry and a real advantage to operators that own aircraft with a Honeywell Avionics suite. Imagine, your entire avionics equipment list insured against internal failure, repairs and replacement. By a factory-backed inventory identical to your existing original hardware. If an avionics item is having issues. You have guaranteed full access to Honeywell’s Spares and Exchange Service (SPEX), the 24/7 customer care centre,  as well as a network of over 350 authorized sales and service centres world-wide to resolve the issue.

All from a fixed cost contract that makes avionics maintenance budgeting so simple. Choose from a variety of plans to fit your budget. Beginning at one year but maximum savings can be achieved with a five year contract.

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