Honeywell Aerospace Features: New United Goderich Inc.

Being a long time dealer of Honeywell Aerospace allows us stay on the cutting edge of aviation technology. This partnership has brought our two companies closer over the years.

That is why Honeywell Aerospace has published a new Partner Feature on their website. (Click here to view). This article illustrates the strength of the relationship between Honeywell Aerospace and New United Goderich Inc. The variety of Honeywell products that New United Goderich can provide to our clients through our capabilities is extraordinary.

Our Engineering and Interior Departments excel at combining modern technology with style. Guided by a clients vision, we combine form with function to integrate the desired monuments into the aircraft. Concealing everything from Wi-Fi components to water piping, while integrating every aspect of a cabin management system inside a stylish new or refurbished aircraft interior. Providing our clients with the exact look that they always dreamed of.

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