Global Air Traffic Surveillance via ADS-B is Coming…

With the deployment of 10 additional Iridium Next satellites, Aireon pushes closer to making global air traffic surveillance and tracking a reality. This is the second successful launch and deployment by Space X of an Iridium payload. There will be additional launches over the next 12 months to provide 100% global coverage to monitor ADS-B equipped aircraft.

Aireon has partnered with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Nav Canada to test and evaluate their system via eight activated satellites. Between the various test aircraft, the Iridium Next system decoded over 8,000 ADS-B messages successfully.

The deployment schedule of the Iridium Next the satellite constellation estimates that all satellites will be in orbit and ready for full scale testing well in advance of the 2020 ADS-B (Out) mandate set by the FAA. Providing even more evidence that the implementation date of that FAA mandate will not be postponed beyond January 1st, 2020 deadline. It has been determined that existing MRO/AMO facilities in North America cannot retrofit all the aircraft requiring ADS-B by that deadline. Estimates as high as 4,760 non-ADS-B equipped aircraft will be effectively grounded after the deadline in the United States alone.

It is a simple fact that owners and operators are not adopting ADS-B fast enough to make sure that all necessary aircraft are equipped by the deadline. In the united sates an adoption rate of 120 aircraft per month are being retrofitted with an ADS-B(Out) solution. In order to obtain full compliance by the mandated time, adoption will need to achieve 320 aircraft per month from now until the mandate takes effect in 2020. Only 917 days remain before the mandate takes effect. Considering how long it takes to retrofit one aircraft and move to the next, that isn’t much time…

With almost 25 years of aviation industry experience, New United Goderich Inc. is your one-stop shop for aircraft maintenance, modification and refurbishment. We are prepared to assist any owner or operator still looking to retrofit their aircraft with an ADS-B (Out) solution. We are authorized to perform installations on may different types of aircraft OEM manufacturers. Some of these include Bombardier, Cessna (Textron), Dassault, Dornier, Embraer, Gulfstream and Saab.


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