FAA mandated North Atlantic Track System Data Link Mandate

Attention Operators that regularly fly to Europe via the North Atlantic:

This is a reminder that the FAA mandated North Atlantic Track System(NAT) Data Link Mandate for Phase 2B is Dec. 7, 2017!!

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contact will be mandatory in airspace from FL 350 to FL 390 (inclusive) throughout the ICAO NAT region.

As many NAT Operators already are using these systems, now would be the ideal time to invest in an aircraft’s future use or if you are planning to sell; its appeal to buyers. Create a competitive advantage by taking advantage of the expected backlog of ADS-B(Broadcast) installations by North American AMO/MROs in the coming years leading up to 2020.

How ADS-B locates your aircraft and relays that information to ATC.

By upgrading to ADS-B and the Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A now, Owners and Operators can take advantage of the slots currently available with AMO/MROs to perform the installation. This will guarantee that your operation will be airborne while your competition is scrambling as the mandates approach for these upgrades.

If the aircraft is to be sold; buyers will be looking for these specific avionics upgrades. Installing them now will ensure that you receive top dollar for your aircraft when the time comes to place it on the market.

FANS improves aircraft tracking over areas with no radar coverage.

Either way, these upgrades will allow you to stay ahead of the curve in aircraft operations beyond the year 2020.

Contact our Sales Department to discuss your installation slot now. (sales@newunitedgoderich.com) We have the expertise to install these systems in many different models of large cabin business & commercial aircraft.

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