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“Composite materials have been used in aviation since World War I. Today, it is common for modern aircraft structures to be made from 50 to 70 percent composite materials both inside and outside. These materials drastically reduce weight, increase strength, don’t corrode and are not subject to fatigue to the extent that traditional aluminum is. Also, they can be molded and shaped to very smooth surfaces which also increase fuel efficiency, therefore increasing an aircraft’s range.”

New United Goderich Composites

Aircraft that use composite materials for their structure can have severe defects that are very difficult to detect with the naked eye. As composite doesn’t dent or break like aluminum, repairs also become more difficult when a composite surface is damaged. The resin used in composite materials also weakens at temperatures as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning that any fire inside or nearby a composite aircraft can compromise its structural integrity. It is important to note that when working with Composites, to understand and recognize that they are often constructed of different ply layers into a laminate structure. Recognizing the signs of “delamination” between these layers is essential to discovering weaknesses in the composite structure.

New United Goderich Inc. has invested in its composite capabilities over many years and offers a broad range of composite services as part of our heavy maintenance capabilities.

These Services Include:

  • Custom plug/mold and part fabrication
  • Rapid prototyping
  • “Floor to Ceiling,” Interior Composite Molding and Fabrication
  • Vacuum assisted sandwich or monolithic part repair/fabrication
  • Aircraft shell kits
  • Hot Bonding repairs to primary and secondary composite and metal bonded parts
  • Lightning protection installation and repairs

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